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Holiday Spanish Course in Ecuador

We invite you to: learn Spanish in Ecuador, live, share and enjoy Ecuadorian celebrations, full of tradition and color.

Either with intensive Spanish language courses, you can learn Spanish in Ecuador and travel with us through the Galapagos islands, amazon jungle. You not only study Spanish with our language school, but you will also know a little more Latin America. Know our Spanish school in Ecuador

Spanish Language Holidays for Adults

Spanish Language Vacation

Holiday in Spanish Language

Live to the fullest. Celebrate special holidays in Ecuador. Learn Spanish, discover the Ecuadorian culture and traditions with us. Our Holidays Spanish programs are practical because we believe that mixing daily activities and classes helps for a better developing of the language.

Christmas Spanish Program

This Program is a cultural and experiential course at this enchanting time of the year. Christmas and New Year is a time full of tradition and festivities that invite you to be part of the Ecuadorian culture. Quito lights its streets to receive Christmas and say goodbye to the year.

Prices starts from: $1,045.00

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