Interesting facts about Ecuador

Today, I want to share with you some interesting facts about Ecuador, this small but big in diversity country located in South America. Whether you want to visit Ecuador or just to know a little bit about it, I will share with you some useful information.

interesting facts about ecuador

General information about Ecuador

Let us start with some general information about Ecuador. The Capital of Ecuador is Quito, the second-highest Capital city in the world. It is at an altitude of  9,350 ft (2800 m) above sea level. Quito is the first city in the world to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ecuador is one of the megadiverse countries of the world. Ecuador is divided into four regions: The Coast, the Andes, the Amazon, and the Galapagos Islands. The official language of Ecuador is Spanish. In big cities like Guayaquil, Cuenca, Quito, you are going to find some people that speak English besides Spanish.  In small towns, most people speak Spanish and other languages typical of the country like Quichua. The official currency of Ecuador is the US dollar.

10 interesting facts about Ecuador 

10 interesting facts about Ecuador

Let me answer the top faqs about Ecuador that our students usually ask.

What is the time zone in Ecuador? 

What is the time zone in Ecuador

Ecuador Time zome is GMT-5 and has no daylight saving, except for Galapagos, which is in time zone GMT-6.

Do I need a visa to visit Ecuador? 

Do I need a visa to visit Ecuador

To travel to Ecuador for tourism, citizens of most countries don’t need a visa. You can be in the country for three months (180 days). If you are planning to stay in Ecuador for a longer time, you will need to ask for an extension.

Citizens of the following countries are required to get a Visa:

  • CUBA

Do I need health insurance to enter Ecuador?

Do I need health insurance to enter Ecuador

According to the Ecuador Tourism Ministery, starting from Agust 2018, all tourists that enter the country will have to provide proof of a having a health insurance plan. In case of any emergency, I will recommend going to a private clinic or hospital. In Quito, I recommend going, for instance, to the “Hospital Metropolitano.”

What is the weather in Ecuador?

What is the weather in Ecuador

The weather in Ecuador depends on which region you are visiting and is not always exact. It changes constantly. For example, it could be raining in the morning, and suddenly in the afternoon, the sun appears. You can travel to Ecuador all year round, even in the colder months you will be able to get some sunshine.

 Here is a list of Summer months in Ecuador according to the regions.

  • Andes Region: June to September
  • Coast Region: November to February
  • Amazon Region: November to February
  • Galapagos Islands: December to May

What kind of clothes do I need to travel to Quito?

What kind of clothes do I need to travel to Quito

The fact that we are close to the Equator doesn’t mean that it is always full of sunshine and it is hot. Actually, if you are visiting Quito, you will need to bring at least two warm sweaters. Usually, it is cold at night, and sometimes Quito will surprise you with afternoon showers.

Is Quito – Ecuador safe?

is ecuador safe

This question is asked often. Quito, like any big city, has its pros and cons. It is not extremely dangerous, but unfortunately, you have to be careful with pocket thieves, especially if you are travelling in public transportation like buses.

I will tell you what we say to our students, family, and friends that are visiting.

  • You don’t need to bring more than you need for the day.
  • Don’t take drinks from strangers.
  • If you are leaving someplace at night, take a certified taxi. Don’t walk alone at night.
  • You don’t need your original passport, make a copy and leave the original in a safe place.
  • Don’t be flashy.

I think that is essential information to follow that will help you to enjoy more your time in Ecuador.

Can I drink tap water in Ecuador?

Can I drink tap water in Ecuador

I will recommend always boiling your water or buying water bottles. Some big cities like Quito have a certification for the quality of tap water, but still, you will prefer to be safe and spend a little more on water bottles.

Is food expensive in Ecuador?

Is food expensive in Ecuador

If you are cooking your food, you are going to find that it is affordable to buy products like rice, chicken, beans, tomatoes, fruits.  However, buying imported products is going to be more expensive.

For example: To cook a menu for three people (3 basic daily meals), without buying any imported food, you will need about $ 60.00 for seven days.

In Ecuador, you can find small restaurants where a daily menu can include a cup of soup, some rice with any type of meat, a salad, and a glass of juice, which go from $3.00 and up per person. Of course, there are also expensive restaurants where plates a la carte can go from $10.00 and up.

If there are any questions, or you want more explanation about a topic just leave a comment down below.

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My name is Pamela; I am a wife and a mom of a little boy. I grew up in Quito - Ecuador. My parents love art, literature, traditions, and culture. They taught me to love where I came from. For this reason, I love this city and country, and I will like more people to get to know and love it as much as I do.