Atahualpa Spanish School

Our Spanish School in Quito is located in the heart of the modern part of the city. The school itself offers a pleasant and familiar atmosphere, where the student is at the center of attention.

Martha Oña


Martha is the Founder and Director of Atahualpa Spanish School. She has a major in Spanish and Literature and specializes in Spanish for foreigners. She is responsible for planning and preparing teaching materials for classes. She loves teaching and helping her students to have the best impression of Ecuador. In her free time she likes to go hiking .

Lusmila Ñacato

Spanish Teacher

Lusmila has over 18 years of experience as a Spanish teacher for foreigners. She has a Bachelor of Science in Education: Spanish as a second language. She loves teaching and showing the Ecuadorian culture, customs and traditions to her students. In her free time she likes to play sports, in specific basketball.

Vicente Suntaxi


Vicente is the Administrator of Atahualpa Spanish School. He takes care of all the legal procedures and coordinates the internships and volunteering programs. He likes to help solve problems and that each student feels at home. In his free time he likes running, hiking and going to the stadium to see soccer games.


Our Spanish School in Ecuador offers a pleasant and familiar atmosphere. It is a small Spanish School where the student is at the center of attention. Therefore, the individual expectations of each student can be met. We work exclusively together with teachers having a minimum experience of five years in teaching Spanish and an university degree.


Independent privately owned institution with more than 20 years of experience.


To teach Spanish as a second language, in an easy, fast and useful way in order to achieve in a short time the development of the language as a linguistic competence.


To become a center of national and international academic transcendence in the teaching of the Spanish language as a second language, where our culture is taught through language and our mega-diversity is made known.

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