Spanish School Student Reviews and Testimonial

Reviews and Testimonial

The best Spanish Courses in Quito

Spanish school student reviews and testimonials

What our students have to say about Atahualpa Spanish School

Either with intensive Spanish language courses, you can learn Spanish in Ecuador and travel with us through the Galapagos islands, amazon jungle. You not only study Spanish with our language school, but you will also know a little more Latin America. Know our Spanish school in Ecuador

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Our Spanish students talk about Atahualpa Spanish School in Quito Ecuador

Miriam studied with us for two months between the end of 2017. She was so happy and positive that she always caught us all with her enthusiasm.
Thank you so much Miriam!

Sandy Stahel


I came to Quito to practise my spanish and to learn more about the country and to do some volunteering in a children's ho...

Stefan Bauer


There were 5 wonderful days in Quito at the Atahualpa Spanish School. Where we learned a lot. Thank you very much.



I was 3 weeks at the school of Español Atahualpa. Here you can practice a lot of Spanish. The teachers are really very good.

Paula Schmid


I have learned a lot of Spanish with Martha and Lusmila. My level of Spanish was not very high, but now it clearly has imp...

Maya Kandell

United States

If I have to choose one place to live or where to come back to, it will be Quito and the school too. I highly recommend this expe...



The time in the School was super genial. The lessons were very intensive, I have practised a lot of Spanish.

Stephanie Guo


The people at the School are totally friendly. I can really recommend coming to Atahualpa Spanish School. My Spanish has improved notably.

Eva Pusch


After 2 weeks in the School, I have learned and looked a lot about the Ecuadorian culture. I can really recommend all this experience.

Tina Reisner


The school has many programs. You can enjoy hiking in the mountains in the company of a teacher. They are always willing to help you at all times.

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