Traveling classroom program in Ecuador

Learn spanish, travel and Experience Ecuador like never before.

Travelling Classroom in Ecuador

Travel with your teacher, discover Ecuador and learn the Spanish language at the same time.
A total immersion of the culture guarantees a quick learning of a new language. Suitable for all students from beginner level of Spanish to an advanced level

Discover Ecuador

This program is for the adventurous that we have inside, get to know Ecuador in 28 days and at the same time learn Spanish immersing yourself in the culture and tradition that Ecuador has to offer.

Andes Region

Considered the most important region of Ecuador offers cloud forests, lakes, active volcanoes, hot springs, indigenous markets, cities and beautiful towns.

Pacific Coast

Relax, walk for the beach, look the sunset every day. Enjoy Ecuador beautiful beaches and its surroundings with these programs

The Amazon

Hike through the tropical rainforest, observe the beautiful Ecuadorian flora and fauna, enjoy gold washing, night-hikes, visit of local Indian tribes and more

Spanish Test

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“I have been to the Atahualpa Spanish School twice and can only say positive things. “

Julie 🇩🇪

“I can highly recommend the Atahualpa Spanish School for many reasons ”

Student 🇩🇪

” I can highly recommend the Atahualpa Spanish School for many reasons”

Student 🇩🇪

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