Cooking Classes in Quito - Ecuador

Every country has its unique cuisine that reflects its history, lifestyle and beliefs. Learn about our culture by exploring the Ecuadorian food . Take the chance to study Spanish in Quito and learn our heritage through our cooking lessons.

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Cooking Lessons in Quito - Ecuador

¡What an easy and fun way to learn the Spanish language through the preparation of Ecuadorian recipes!

✅ Description:
We approach Ecuadorian cuisine through the preparation of healthy, easy dishes, with ingredients that can be found in most countries in the world and that later on give you the opportunity of surprising your family and friends by preparing delicious dishes.
Take advantage of this special Ecuadorian cooking lessons, improve your Spanish knowledge and learn the secrets of the Ecuadorian cuisine with a professional chef!

In every class (2 hours) you are going to learn how to cook one or two traditional dishes, we have a list of dishes and we will recommend what can you prepare. We recommend you to take at least 10 hours per week ( 2 hours per day) because every time you are going to learn something different and new. If you take 10 hours or more, we offer one free class (2 hours).

✅ Duration: 2 hours daily.
✅ Schedule: Afternoons from15:00 to 17:00.
✅ Group size: 1- 2 persons
✅ Prices:
➤ 25.00 USD per person (2 hours )
➤ 125.00 USD per person (10 hours)

✅ Includes:
➤ All the ingredients and utensils (everything you need for cooking).
➤ Recipes
➤ At the end of the class, tasting of the dish.

✅ Benefits :
➤ All the ingredients and utensils (everything you need for cooking).
➤ Learn and practice vocabulary related with cooking.
➤ Develop communication and organizational skills.
➤ Discover new smells and flavors.
➤ Become familiar with ingredients, techniques, processes and culinary terminology.
➤ Meet and taste the typical Ecuadorian dishes and products of the country.
➤ Enjoy the food prepared by your own hands.

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