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Atahualpa’s strength lies in our dedication to offer specially tailored Spanish programs to suit the needs of each traveler.

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Our Spanish Courses

Spanish One to One

The Spanish classes are flexible and they are organized according to your time, your needs and your knowledge.
Group size: Individual Spanish classes.
Prices: Starting at 12 USD / per hour

Private Spanish Lessons

Private Spanish courses adapted to your needs. You can start studying Spanish from scratch to an advanced level.
Group size: Personalized courses of 1 - 2 students per class.
Prices: Starting at 199 USD / per week

Spanish Group Classes

Studying Spanish as a group has its advantages, you can share travel experiences, analyze and discuss various topics, find new friends and work as a team.
Group size: Max 3 a 6 students
Prices: Starting at 139 USD / per week

Spanish Immersion Program

It is recommended for students who want to improve their knowledge of Spanish in the shortest possible time. The program can be combined with cultural activities, dance or cooking classes.
Group size: 1 or 2 students
Prices: Starting at 298,50 USD / per week

Medical Spanish Course

This Spanish course is aimed at students working in the health sector: doctors, nurses, therapists, assistants and other health professionals.
Group size: 1 or 2 students
Prices: Starting at 199 USD / per week

Business Spanish Classes

This course is intended for students or professionals related with Business. You can start at our school with a basic level of Spanish and then continue with Spanish for Business.
Group size: 1 or 2 students
Prices: Starting at 199 USD / per week

Skype Spanish lessons

This course is open, you decide how many hours per day or per week you want to study, from Monday to Saturday.
Group size: 1 student
Prices: Starting at 12 USD / per hour


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