Internship in Ecuador


Knowing in your heart that you are making a difference in the world helping others.
Practice and improvement of the Spanish language.
Making friends from different parts of the world.
➤ Must be a generous, supportive, humanitarian, collaborative person.
➤ Volunteers will help with different activities, without expecting any kind of compensation for it.
➤ The volunteer must be over 18 years old.
➤ Volunteers must take at least 40 Spanish lessons at the beginning of the program.
➤ The minimum time for volunteering is 2 weeks.
➤ All volunteers must come with health insurance and communicate any medical or allergic conditions.
➤ The volunteer must be willing to work in any environment and adapt to weather conditions.
➤ Must be a proactive person, always looking for improvements for the good of children and the Foundation.
➤ Have documents in order: passport (visa if necessary).

Children's Home

In these projects, you will be able to help children in very difficult social circumstances. The children are able to stay in these projects until a family reunification is possible or until they find a job.

Spanish Test

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“I have been to the Atahualpa Spanish School twice and can only say positive things. “

Julie 🇩🇪

“I can highly recommend the Atahualpa Spanish School for many reasons ”

Student 🇩🇪

” I can highly recommend the Atahualpa Spanish School for many reasons”

Student 🇩🇪

Spanish Course in Quito

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Learn and Travel

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Volunteering in Ecuador

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