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Internship in Ecuador

Internship in Ecuador is a wonderful opportunity for all those who wish to master the Spanish language

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Find an internship in Ecuador and gain invaluable experience.

You will start with an intensive Spanish language course, at least 2 weeks if you have a basic level of Spanish, and 4 weeks or more if your level of Spanish is zero. After the course, you will begin with an unpaid practice.
If you are motivated to learn and put into practice the Spanish language, you are flexible and willing to help, then, Ecuador is your destination.

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General Sector

It is open to all public. The main sectors that give you the possibility of unpaid internships are: Bars, Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants, Shops, Farms, Tourism agencies, etc.
Tasks to do:
✅ Public attention
✅ Marketing Digital and promotion (management of social networks)
✅ Sales
✅ Harvesting or agricultural work in gardens and plantations.
✅ Translator

Professional sector

You can perform a professional practice according to your field.

➤ Computing and new Technologies
➤ Commercial marketing
➤ Medical
➤ Legal
➤ Social
➤ Educational
➤ Engineering and architecture

ecuador internship

Taks to do:
✅ Elaboration of Web pages and promotion of a company through the proper management of social networks.
✅ In the Medical Field, you can internship in Private Clinics or Private Hospital, in all cases you will participate as an observer and the doctor will explain in detail each case that is presented; In order to carry out any activity, it will depend on the doctor responsible for your internship and your level of medical knowledge.
✅ Participate in a legal office together with a professional, as an assistant or apprentice, the activities depend on the court cases, they can be: work, transit, legal advice, etc.
✅ In the Social field you can participate in Social Assistance Centers for children with family problems, you can help: in the kitchen, in school tasks, cleaning, workshops, games, etc.
Educational, you can participate as a teacher's assistant in different educational levels: pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, primary or secondary school, you can teach English or computing at different levels.
✅ Engineering and Architecture, as an assistant or apprentice, you will participate in different jobs, the activities to be carried out will depend on the contracts that the Professionals have and your level of knowledge in the different areas.
✅ The success of this program depends on the motivation and ease that the student has to communicate, in the language of the country.


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If I have to choose one place to live or where to come back to, it will be Quito and the school too. I highly recommend this experiences.

Maya Kandell

USA /2019

My favorite place in Quito! A really wonderful family runs this school. I stayed here for over a month taking one-on-one Spanish lessons with Martha Ona, the director of the school.

Paula Schmid

Germany /2019

There were 5 wonderful days in Quito at the Atahualpa Spanish School. Where we learned a lot. Thank you very much.

Stefan Bauer

Germany /2019