Learn Spanish in Quito Ecuador

Learn Spanish in Quito, the capital city of Ecuador. The city offers an incredible variety of cultural activities, exciting nightlife and stunning mountain scenery. We offers you a variety of travelling classroom, individual Spanish courses and immersion programs.

Spanish Language Programs and Courses

Individual Spanish Classes

One-to-one lessons is the best way to improve your Spanish especially if you have a limited amount of time.

Private Spanish Classes

Private Spanish classes with highly qualified native teachers in Ecuador.

Group Spanish Classes

Studying Spanish as a group has its advantages, you can share travel experiences, analyze and discuss various topics

Spanish Immersion Program

Spanish immersion programs in Ecuador improve your language skills and give you international experience.

Our Spanish Language School in Quito

Atahualpa Spanish School Quito offers you a friendly and familiar atmosphere. As a student of our language school, you will receive excellent care and attention from teachers and staff. Come and discover why 98% of our students recommend ATAHUALPA with their friends.

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Martha Oña / Director

Expand your Spanish learning experience in Ecuador

Volunteer in Ecuador

Social work, environmental volunteering projects and children's aid projects in Ecuador


Student accommodation and Homestay in Quito Ecuador

Travelling Classroom Ecuador

Learn spanish, travel and Experience Ecuador like never before.

Spanish Courses

Learn Spanish in Quito Ecuador


Internship for international students in Quito Ecuador

Spanish Language Programs Online

Learn Spanish online

Offers in our Spanish Lessons Quito

Private Spanish Lessons

$ 199 / Total
20 Spanish Lessons

Spanish Immersion Lessons

$ 299 / Total
20 Spanish Lessons

More reasons to Learn Spanish at Atahualpa Spanish School Quito Ecuador

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Family atmosphere

The school is characterized by a pleasant and familiar atmosphere. We help you learn Spanish in Quito - Ecuador

Professional Team

We work with teachers who have at least five years teaching experience in Spanish and an Ecuadorian university degree.

Lower Prices

Affordable prices, great discounts and special offers ! Find cheap Spanish courses Quito at Atahualpa Spanish School in Quito Ecuador


We prepare you for the well-known Diplomas de español como lengua extranjera (DELE) of the University of Cervantes. It can be completed in levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

Location in Quito

We are located in the heart of modern Quito, close to the main shopping area Amazonas - La Mariscal.

Officially Certified

If you have more than 120 lessons, you will receive a diploma from the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education and Culture.

We are flexible

You choose your own daily or weekly number of hours. It depends on your individual learning goals and your time. If you have any scheduling conflicts, let us know and we will do whatever we can to help.


The Atahualpa Spanish School in Quito gives you the opportunity to improve your Spanish while working in social project.

Testimonial of the Spanish Classes in Quito Ecuador

Our Spanish students talk about Atahualpa Spanish School Quito Ecuador

A right program for you ...

Maya Kandell / United States

If I have to choose one place to live or where to come back to, it will be Quito and the school too. I highly recommend this expe...

Learn fast and have fun ...

Stefan Bauer / Germany

There were 5 wonderful days in Quito at the Atahualpa Spanish School. Where we learned a lot. Thank you very much.

The best school in Quito ...

Paula Schmid / Germany

I have learned a lot of Spanish with Martha and Lusmila. My level of Spanish was not very high, but now it clearly has imp...

Address of our Spanish School Quito Ecuador

Atahualpa Spanish School

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Luis Godin N20-29 Y La Condamine, Quito 170112, Ecuador

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(+ 593) 22551229

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(+001) 208 553-9168

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(+001) 208 553-9168

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Spanish Traveling Classroom Program in Ecuador

Ecuador Adventure Travel

Travel and Learn Spanish in one of the most beautiful countries in South America.
! Learn Spanish in South America !

Region de los Andes

Enjoy visiting the mountains, lakes and immerse yourself in the ecuadorian culture while learning Spanish.
! Study Spanish in Latin America !

Pacific Coast Tours

Spanish immersion in a relaxing beach atmosphere.
! Study Spanish in South America !

Ecuador Amazon Tour

Explore the Amazon wildlife.
! Learn Ecuadorian Spanish !


Practise your speaking and listening with a native speaker teacher.
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Phone number:

(+001) 208 553-9168


(+001) 208 553-9168

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