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You want to learn Spanish but at the same time improve you dancing skills?
We invite you to do exactly that!

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✅ Description:
Combine your Spanish classes with dancing lessons and learn different dance genres like: SALSA, BACHATA, MERENGUE, CHACHACHA and KIZOMBA. Fill yourself with energy. Because dancing is one of the healthiest forms of entertainment that exists.
✅ Duration: 1 or 2 hours.

✅ Group size:
➤ Individual( one teacher - one student )
➤ Group ( 3 - 6 students)

✅ Schedule:
➤ Individual classes(from 10:00 - 21:00 Monday to Friday)
➤ Group classes (from 18:00 - 21:00 Monday to Friday)

✅ Dance Genres: Salsa, bachata merengue, chachachá and kizomba.
➤ Individual classes:13 USD per hour.
➤ Group classes:10 USD per hour and per person
Each class have different levels, you will have take a determinate number of hours to advance to the next level.
For Example: Salsa dancing (if you need more information about the other Genres please don't hesitate to ask us).

✅ Salsa lessons Quito - Levels:
➤ Beginner level( 12 hours )
You will learn the basic salsa steps: Básico, Lateral, Atrás, Cruzado and Son.
You will also learn the following salsa elements: Marcación con punta, Exhíbela, Dile que sí, Exhíbela doble, Dile que no, Puente and Enchufa.
➤ Basic level ( 24 hours )
You will learn the following salsa elements: Paseo saloneo, Sombrero, Enchufa doble, Enchufa y combinaciones, Adiós con la hermana o prima hermana, El Uno, El dos, Coca Cola y variaciones, Achico y Variaciones, Sombrero Doble, 84, 70, Paséala, Sorpresa and Gloria.
➤ Intermediate Level ( 24 hours )
You will learn the following salsa elements: Enchufa con derecha y giro para el hombre, 71, 72, 73, Bayamo, 70 complicado, 12, Kentucky, Enchufa por arriba, Sorpresa con dos manos, Rubenada and Enchufa doble complicado
➤ Intermediate 2 level (12 hours)
You will learn the following salsa elements: Rueda de casino, Montaña o Balcero, Enchufa arriba y sácala, 84 complicado, la Jenny, Candado, Siete, Siete moderno, siete nuevo, Siete loco, Vacila moderno and Evelyn.
➤ Advanced level (12 hours)
You will learn the following salsa elements: Habana, Ocho, Arco Iris, Sombrero y Complícate, Siete loco complicado, 70 complicado al revés y al derecho, Abanico, Paséala por la cuadra, La cuñada, Rubenada, Paséala por el parque, Ponle sabor, Setenta y ocho

✅ Benefits
Dancing helps you get physically fit.
Helps you to improve your mood.
Reduces stress.
It makes you feel more confident.
Improves your coordination.
Increase your flexibility, physical endurance and your energy

✅ Start date: Open


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