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Ecuador Adventure Travel

Suitable for all students who want to make the most of their time learning the Spanish language and discovering paradisiacal places of the Coast, the Andes and Amazon region.

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Description Ecuador Adventure Travel

"Experiential Spanish", 100/100 practical. Explore with your teacher the wonders of the region through excursions and activities. Visit protected areas, national parks, museums, markets, etc.
Duration: 28 Days
➤ Spanish classes (flexible hours).
➤ Activities.
➤ Transport and entrances.
➤ Accommodation.
➤ 3 daily Meals (menu of the day).
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Start date: OPEN


Day 1.- Welcome, orientation and preparation of traditional food.
Day 2.- Spanish lessons and visit the modern city.
Day 3.- Spanish lessons and visit the old town.
Day 4.- Spanish lessons, visit Itchimbia park and Basilica church.
Day 5.- Spanish lessons, take bus to “Mitad del Mundo”: Museo Intiñan, Sede Unasur.
Day 6.- Spanish lessons and “Quito nocturno” visit of the city at night: La Ronda, Centro Histórico. Day 7.- In the morning, excursion by cable car to Pichincha Volcano.

Baños City

Day 8.- In the morning travel to Baños, arrival and orientation tour of the city.
Day 9.- Spanish lessons, trip in the mountains and at night visit to the hot springs.
Day 10.- Spanish lessons and waterfalls tour.
Day 11.- In the morning travel to Riobamba, climb Chimborazo mountain and in the afternoon travel to El Tambo, sleep here.

Cuenca City

Day 12.- Archeological tour; Ingapirca Inca ruins. In the afternoon travel to Cuenca.
Day 13.-Spanish lessons, visit of the old town and the modern city.
Day 14.- In the morning, excursion to “El Cajas” National park. At night trip to Puerto López.

Puerto López - Beach

Day 15.- Arrival in Puerto López and orientation tour in the city.
Day 16.- Spanish lessons and trip to “Machalilla” National park, Los Frailes.
Day 17.-Spanish lessons and trip to the “Agua Blanca” community.
Day 18.- Trip with local guide to “Isla de la Plata”.
At night trip to Quito in route to the jungle.

Tena / Pimpilala – Jungle

Day 19.-In the morning trip to Tena / Pimpilala. Spanish Lessons and observation of flora and fauna
Day 20.-Spanish lessons and tour of the jungle.
Day 21.- Spanish lessons, rivers tour and looking waterfalls.
Day 22.- Spanish lessons and participate in family life; collecting products, preparing traditional food.
Day 23.- In the morning return to Quito. At night sleep in Quito.

Otavalo City

Day 24.-In the morning trip to Otavalo. Orientation tour in the city, visit Indian Market “Plaza del Poncho”.
Day 25.- Spanish lessons and trip to “Cascada de Peguche” and “San Pablo” Lake.
Day 26.- Trip to “Cuicocha” Lake, full day.
Day 27.- Return to Quito.
Day 28 -Closing ceremony.


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