volunteer with children in ecuador

volunteer with children

Volunteering with children

A hug, a smile, a little time will make them happy. You will have the opportunity to share your time with them and at the same time practice and improve The Spanish Language learned.

" All that´s missing is you "

Taking care of children

Preparing food

School classes

Administrative support

Volunteer in Ecuador | Aliñambi Foundation

“La Fundación Aliñambi” is located in El Valle de los Chillos, 15 km (approx. 16 miles) from Quito. In this Project the Volunteer lives, studies Spanish and works in the Foundation.

Volunteer in Ecuador | Niños con Destino

It is located in Sangolqui, 16 km outside of Quito. In this Project, the volunteer studies Spanish in Quito, and he/ she can choose to live with a host family or in the Students residence. For transportation, volunteers will need to take a bus to the Foundation that costs $0.5O cents ($ 1.00 daily).

Volunteer in Ecuador | Fundación Apoyar

The “Apoyar” Foundation is located in the Historical center of Quito. This Foundation helps children from 1 to 4 years old, whose parents are not able to take care of them because they need to work.


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If I have to choose one place to live or where to come back to, it will be Quito and the school too. I highly recommend this experiences.

Maya Kandell

USA /2019

My favorite place in Quito! A really wonderful family runs this school. I stayed here for over a month taking one-on-one Spanish lessons with Martha Ona, the director of the school.

Paula Schmid

Germany /2019

There were 5 wonderful days in Quito at the Atahualpa Spanish School. Where we learned a lot. Thank you very much.

Stefan Bauer

Germany /2019