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Weekend Activities

The weekend activities are ideal for climbing a mountain, horseback riding, cycling through beautiful landscapes, hiking through lakes and lagoons, visiting villages, participating with indigenous communities, etc.

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Trips & Tours


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Ruco Pichincha

The Rucu Pichincha of 4698 meters, is located near Quito the Ecuadorian capital, has a great view of the city, is a volcano without activity.

The first part is climbed through the cable car, which is a cable-operated cabin that takes you from the 2950 meters to the top of Cruz Loma at 4050 meters, from here you walk approximately two hours, to reach the base of the Ruco Pichincha, to reach the top you will need approximately 1h30 to 2h00, the return is fast.

➤ Transportation: Taxi, from Quito Center to entrance to the Cable Car.
➤Tickets for the teleferico
➤ Meals: Not specified

Start date: Open
Duration: 1 day
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Price: $ 45

Mitad del Mundo and Pululahua

Mitad del Mundo is 22 km away. North of Quito, the Middle of the World City offers a variety of activities

➤ You will visit the museum “Mitad del mundo”, it is an interactive museum, learn the history and way of life of our ancestors and much more.
➤ You will have a wonderful experience, you will be able to set foot in each hemisphere.
➤ You can visit the ethnographic museum that shows an overview of the different cultures of Ecuador,
➤ You will also enjoy the beautiful landscape offered by the Pululahua volcano crater and if your physical condition is good we will descend to the crater and take a walk inside.
➤ Art room of the painter Oswaldo Guayasamín
➤ The planetarium

➤ Transportation: Public bus
➤ Meals: Lunch (Daily menu)
➤ Tickets to visit Mitad del Mundo city

Start date: Open
Duration: 1 day
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Price: $ 40


Excursion to Otavalo, the most famous and largest Indian market of South America. On the way you will enjoy many volcanoes covered with snow all year around.

➤ First stop will be at "Quitsato" where there is a monument to Mitad del mundo.
➤ Second stop will be in Cayambe, we will observe the preparation of the famous biscuit(a type of bread) and we will taste it with a delicious coffee.
➤ Third stop: We will observe Lake San Pablo and the Imbabura Volcano.
➤ Fourth stop: We will make a tour of approximately 2 hours, through the famous craft market "Mercado del Poncho"
➤ Fifth stop: We will make a tour to the famous Peguche Waterfall.
➤ Sixth stop: Boat tour of the Cuicocha Lagoon.
➤ Return to Quito

➤ Transportation: privado
➤ Meals: snacks, lunch, (menu of the day)
➤ Admission: Tiket laguna Cuicocha / Tiket cascada Peguche

Duration: 1 Day (Saturday)
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Price: $ 55


Mindo is situated in the western of the Andes, 1.5 hours away from Quito.This area covers about 270 square kilometers and shows a lot of high mountains, deep valleys, clear rivers and a lot of beautiful waterfalls. It is also a paradise for bird watchers, you will find more than 440 species of different birds.

➤ The journey start in Quito to Mindo
➤ You will walk around Mindo and hike to some waterfalls
➤ You will take a small cable car into the cloud forest and there you will pass by a lot of waterfalls.

➤ Transportation: privado
➤ Meals: breakfast and lunch (menu of the day)

Start date: Open
Duration: 1 day
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Price: $ 80


The greatest thermal springs in Ecuador can be found in Papallacta. The village is located east of Quito on the way to the Amazon

➤ Leave early morning from Quito and as soon as you arrive to the pools relax and enjoy the hot springs
➤ The pools are very clean and with good infrastructure,
➤ Hike through nearby trails of the Cayambe-Coca National Park.
➤ Have lunch and then return back to Quito.

➤ Transportation: privado
➤ Meals: Breakfast
➤ Admission: Pool ticket

Start date: Open
Duration: 1 Day (Saturday or Sunday)
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Price: $ 50

Shaman family in Archidona

The Finca of the Salazar family. It is situated in a forest glade, far away from any civilization. There is no electricity.

You will go on an amazing excursion to a waterfall on Saturday. Upon request you may take part in a cleaning ritual done by shaman Carlos. The following day you will learn about different medicinal plants and animals, during these days you will experience their traditional life. It will be an unforgettable weekend!

➤Accommodation: Finca of the Salazar Family
➤ Meals: 2 dinner, 2 breakfast, 1 lunch (menu of the day)
➤ Admission: Pool ticket

Start date: Open
Duration: 2 days, 2 nights ( Friday night to Sunday morning)


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